DBS Checks

Formerly known as CRB checks, these are the criminality checks you need for your licence, or your licensees.

Taxi and private hire drivers can be responsible fortransporting any member of the public. This means the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) consider them ‘exempt’ from the normal eligibility criteria of the Enhanced DBS checks. Although they don’t ‘technically' carry out regulated activity, the risk potential means these checks are a vital part of effective safeguarding practice.

Why do I need an Enhanced DBS check?

Under the statutory guidance from the Department for Transport, all taxi and private hire drivers are required to have an Enhanced DBS Check in place for their application. This check includes the following:

  • A check against the Police National Computer for any cautions, warnings, reprimands, or convictions (Spent or Unspent)
  • A check against the DBS’s Children’s or Adult’s Barred Lists
  • A check for any relevant police notes on the applicant

How long do the checks take?

On average the Enhanced DBS checks we submit take between 10-14 days. This can vary based on lots of things:

  • Errors – This is the most common reason for delays. It is very important to check your info.
  • Moving areas – This means your check is passed to more local police departments.
  • Police Delays – Resources can be redirected to more pressing issues like large events or riots.

Most checks come back quicker than the average. About 50% of all our Enhanced submissions are completed in 48 hours. However, there is no maximum length of time for how long a check can take.

The Results

Once the check has been completed both driver and licensing authority would be notified by email. The email would confirm either: The certificate contains no information, or, please wait to view applicants’ certificate.

Certificates are posted to the current address on the application form by the Disclosure and Barring Service. We never receive a copy of the certificate or the disclosed information.

This can take up to ten working days to arrive in the post. When it arrives, drivers would need to follow their authority’s guidance on sharing the certificate with them.

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