A training framework delivered directly to your drivers as part of your licensing process.

Here at TaxiPlus we are passionate about safeguarding the public. Government statistics show that it is the most vulnerable members of our society that regularly use private hire services. The most common demographics are those with mobility issues, young single mothers, and unaccompanied children.

The Framework

Working in partnership with councils across the UK, we have developed a bespoke training framework specifically for the taxi licensing industry. Aimed at providing drivers with the knowledge to be able to protect themselves and the public. TaxiPlus’ Safeguarding Awareness Training Framework covers 5 core modules:

  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Human Trafficking
  • Recognising Indicators & Types of Abuse
  • Driver and Passenger Safety
  • Best Safeguarding Practice

We deliver the course in two-hour sessions at locations easily accessible to drivers in your authority. The interactive session involves role-plays, real tolife scenarios, and group discussion. By ensuring active participation you can be sure that drivers are engaged and develop a meaningful understanding of safeguarding.

Learning Outcomes

The course is delivered by our in-house safeguarding trainers. With decades of combined experience working in the police and delivering safeguarding training, our trainers can provide life-saving insights to drivers.

By the end of their two-hour training session, drivers will be able to:

  • Understand the need to protect vulnerable adults, young people, and children
  • Identify sources of advice and pathways for reporting concerns
  • Identify possible victims of abuse or exploitation by understanding indictors of risk
  • Understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to personal safety and security

Train the Trainer

Prefer to deliver the training in-house? No problem! We can provide you with all the tools need necessary to deliver the training yourself. Providing a more flexible and tailored solution for your needs:

  • All training material, including presentations, worksheets, and workbook handouts. All complete with your councils branding
  • We ensure the training material stays up to date and in line with relevant policies and legislation
  • One of our safeguarding trainers will attend the first session and meet with you annually to review and refine
  • ‘Train-the-Trainer’on how to effectively deliver the training

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