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Increase accuracy and save time with reliable, electronic knowledge tests.
Knowledge tests are part and parcel of any licensing procedure. Making sure drivers have a comprehensive grasp of the local area and regulations is vital for a healthy industry. Competent and knowledgeable drivers can help inspire public trust in a licensing authority's procedures. E-knowledge tests streamline this process and lets you know if a driver is truly ‘fit and proper’.
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Our test platform

TaxiPlus have developed a leading knowledge testing platform designed specifically for the private hire industry. Our fully customisable E-knowledge system can be tailored to the needs of any licensing authority.

Our bank of industry standard questions can be combined with bespoke questions for your authority. This means each test meets your requirements exactly.

The benefits

E-knowledge allows you to quickly and easily assess a driver’s suitability for a Hackney Carriage/Private Hire licence.

The benefits of this include:

  • Tailored questions specific to your authority
  • Drivers receive an instant pass or fail notification
  • No manual marking required
  • Easy to navigate with clear driver instructions
  • Randomised questions to reduce the risk of cheating
  • Test days facilitated by just one member of staff

Easily customised to your specs

Our simple online system can be easily implemented into your existing licensing procedure. Without hassle. The platform can be moulded in-line with parameters that you set, including:

  • Number of categories
  • Number of bank questions per category
  • Number of generated questions per category
  • Pass rates
  • Time limits (if required)

Why choose TaxiPlus for e-Knowledge?

No more risk of cheating. No more marking paper tests.

Using our system, you can get back valuable time that would have otherwise been spent on admin. Time you will be able to spend on making important licencing decisions. Working alongside some of the largest licensing authorities in the country, we know what constitutes a ‘fit and proper’ driver.  We understand the industry.

We understand where it’s heading. We can help you implement a platform that makes you ready for a digital future. For more information on how you can incorporate our
e-knowledge system into practice, complete the form below!

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